Fermentation Scale-Up

We have successfully demonstrated using both a batch fermentation process and a semi-continuous process to create KnipBio Meal. We are currently working on optimizing the fermentation process in near-commercial scale vessels, in preparation for commercial scale operations in 2018.

KnipBio Meal can be manufactured in strategic locations globally to minimize transportation and stress on the environment. Our protein is created from agricultural inputs so it is not subject to the price volatility of the oil market, leading to flexibility, differentiation and resource efficiency. Producing protein in a “brewery” results in a process that is not susceptible to droughts, floods or pests.

The KnipBio fermentation process is relatively straightforward and is able to leverage existing fermentation infrastructure. We anticipate opportunities to upgrade existing bio-ethanol manufacturing facilities, creating value from re-purposed streams. After the single cell protein is harvested, the residual water is easily recycled, minimizing the environmental footprint.

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