Our Partners

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​Our partnership with Kampachi has allowed us to further our research on the effect of KBM on the taste and appearance of yellowtail fish. In spring 2017 we ran a blind taste trial comparing the taste, texture, and appearance of yellowtail sashimi fed standard aquafeed versus aquafeed containing KBM. According to the nearly 100 participants, there was no distinguishable difference between the two fish.We plan to continue to work  Kampachi on more feed and taste trials.

KnipBio Announces Successful Feed to Fork

M2D2 project coordinators provide access to UMass Lowell's extensive expertise and facilities in medical device engineering, product design, prototyping and manufacturing and research.

Campus centers and institutes include the Nanomanufacturing Center, BioPlastics & Medical Plastics Research Center, Lowell Center for Sustainable Hospitals, Center for Public Health Research and Health Promotion, Center for Neurobiology and Neurodegeneration Research, Center for Advanced Materials and the Center for Health and Disease Research.

The National Research Council is the primary national research and technology organization of the Government of Canada, in science and technology research and development.  We partnered with NRC to help with our initial scale up to 1,500 L. The primary goal for our scale-up program was to advance our process technology from a laboratory-scale research project to pilot-size vessel production.

KnipBio Announces Successful Completion of BioProcessing Feed Scale-Up Program

Roger Williams University located in Bristol, R.I., is a leading independent, coeducational university with programs in the liberal arts and the professions, where students become community- and globally-minded citizens through project-based, experiential learning. We have partnered with Roger Willans to conduct a variety of feed trials  

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