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KnipBio Meal

KnipBio is developing a range of tailored feed solutions aimed at different fish species and markets. To achieve this, we have evaluated many different strains of methylobacterium in our search for maximum nutritional value. ​


Today we are focusing on three specific product strains. The first is a straightforward fishmeal replacement that mirrors the protein and amino acid content of conventional fishmeal.  The second is a fishmeal replacement that also provides valuable prebiotics designed to improve fish gut health. The third adds a range of important carotenoids useful for a number of high-value fish species. ​


Interested in understanding if our solutions meet your needs? Please reach out, we appreciate the opportunity to discuss our work with you.  ​ 


We are the "Intelligence Inside" for animal nutrition. KnipBio is an industry leader, developing its own products as well as assisting others through a contract service program. We can leverage our expertise in biotechnology, fermentation, aquaculture and nutrition to provide you the critical information you need to tailor nutritional solutions.  


CONTACT US today:  info@knipbio.com