Our Story

KnipBio was started in 2013 by Larry Feinberg and Chris Marx to expand the aquaculture industry. Their goal- use biotechnology to convert abundant non-food feedstocks into an increasingly scarce feed ingredient, protein. Through their research, they determined that methylobacterium extorquens was the ideal microbe because it is able to produce more than just the high-quality protein they were looking for. With careful engineering this microbe can create valuable biomolecules like antioxidant carotenoids, which are the source of salmons color. 

The team has faced many challenges: developing the tools needed to refine the biotechnology, scaling up the fermentation process from the laboratory bench to commercial operations, and running numerous trials on commercially important fish to demonstrate KnipBio’s advanced protein is an effective fishmeal replacement. These challenges have served to ensure the product being produced is of the highest quality and will produce the best results.

KnipBio CEO Larry Feinberg
 -Larry Feinberg, CEO