Last Night I had My Own Version of the “Is the Chicken Local” Episode.

Larry Feinberg


Larry Feinberg

[endif]--Last night I had my own version of the epic “Is the Chicken Local” Portlandia episode.

I just had the best dinner ever. It was SO good, it was silly. Not quite as outrageous as the famous Portlandia episode, but not too far off... really. (If somehow you missed it, link is attached to image below)

Portlandia episode: Is the Chicken local?

INSPIRING Jimmy Liang prepared a delicious “Omakase” style meal from his kitchen using local farm-raised trout sourced from Blue Stream Aquaculture.

[endif]--Jimmy and his colleague Ming create culinary magic. Apple wood smoked trout – sashimi – tempura – the creativity seemed endless. The tastes were as amazing as the presentation. Fuji WoC (Quincy MA) has a private kitchen inside the restaurant, enhancing the whole intimate experience.

The top chefs. Jimmy Liang (top) & Ming Cao (below) prep their trout-based delicacies.

The rainbow trout were hatched in Cape Cod and raised in rural New Hampshire. How do I know? I HAVE actually been to the farms. Yup, kind of like that quirky couple in the episode.

I admire Keith Wilda’s commitment to sustainability and quality. His production facility is a completely contained, state-of-the-art recirculating aquaculture system (RAS). The source of the water is clean NH forest river water. These trout have been fed KnipBio diets since November ’19 and have been closely monitored.

The amount of good will invested into each bite really struck home. Think about it - how often do you think about where the actual food on your plate comes from? Usually you just want to know how amazing it tastes. Not only did I think about the source origin of this product – I actually had a hand in nearly every step along the way. Kind of surreal actually.

KnipBio developed a protein ingredient that offsets precious marine resources like fishmeal from anchovies, while also providing other nutritional benefits to the fish. Our company custom formulated the diets alongside Blue Stream to maximize quality, transparency and performance. After all, a healthy fish grows and tastes better! When JP Fuji placed the order, to when the works of art were prepared, it was just a matter of hours.

The supply chain was short and completely transparent for this meal. I think there are a lot of shared values among people beyond the “Portlandia” couple using this approach. High quality fish, healthy, free of heavy metals, supporting the local economy, environmental sustainability, small land and marine footprint – probably others too. For me, that’s GOT to be a good for both my body and soul. Even my gut microbiome got treated to a piece of 24-karat gold! In a word, YUM! Do yourself favor and enjoy some Omakase trout at JP Fuji!


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