A plug for my farmer friend Keith and his awesome fish:

Prior to this pandemic, most of Great Falls Aquaculture products were distributed to restaurants within New England. Covid 19 is a clear example about supply chain disruption and the interdependence between regions. Did you know that >90% of US seafood is imported?

Land-based production systems (RAS) provide an opportunity for local production. These systems shorten the supply chain to consumers and can be independent of the ocean.

KnipBio has worked with one regional family of New England RAS farms, Great Falls Aquaculture. They produce the most environmentally friendly fish imaginable. The operations are highly efficient at conserving water, they generate renewable energy through anaerobic digestion and solar panels, and of course evaluate advanced nutritional feeds to improve quality and sustainability ;)

Now, they are offering for the first time FRESH, LOCAL, Ultra-Sustainable fish for purchase ONLINE, delivered to your house. Support a local farmer, and you get to ensure protein diversity in our region continues. If you are in the northeast, you can have this product delivered to you at home. Plus, you can benefit from an opportunity to expand your home-cooking recipe rotation and make a great meal!

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