Technical Papers

11 Apr 2017

ABSTRACT: The human population is growing and, globally, we must meet the challenge of increased protein needs required to feed this population. Single cell proteins (SCP), when coupled to aquaculture production, offer a means to ensure future protein needs can be met without direct competition with food for people. To demonstrate a given type of SCP has potential as a protein source for use in aquaculture feed, a number of steps   -MORE-

11 Apr 2018

Partial replacement of soybean meal with Methylobacteriumextorquens single-cell protein in feeds for rainbow trout(Oncorhynchus mykiss Walbaum)

For many years, fishmeal was the primary source of protein in formulated feeds for salmonids due to its competitive price relative to other protein ingredients as well as its contribution of a range of nutrients to feeds. However, a major disruption in global supply associated with an El Ni~no event in Peru and Chile in1972–73 caused fishmeal prices to triple (Kolhonen, 1974). This disruption resulted in higher fish feed prices, stimulating research to identify and evaluate alternative protein ingredients for their suitability as fishmeal replacements.  -MORE-

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