What We Do

Sustainable aquaculture

Many aquaculture farms have turned to soy or corn-based protein, and chemically-derived products as a substitute for fishmeal in their fish feed formula. These inferior replacements often lead to increased fish-mortality, bloating, stomach inflammation, and a generally sub-optimal fish population.

KnipBio has developed a set of naturally occurring microbe strains that convert ethanol, methanol and other abundant, low-cost feedstocks into premium, nutritious, single-cell protein. KnipBio's protein combines the attributes of protein-packed fishmeal and carotenoids into a single effective, affordable feed replacement -- KnipBio Meal (KBM) that offers a transformative breakthrough in the future of aquaculture feed.

Studies comparing KBM to standard fish feed formulas have demonstrated impressive results: not only is KBM a suitable and palatable fishmeal replacement, but Atlantic salmon, rainbow trout, shrimp, and other commercially important species thrive on a diet consisting of KMB. Benefits included a higher digestibility and a reduced mortality rate.

Our transformative value proposition represents a triple bottom line exceeding requirements for environmental, social, and economic consideration.